Dump With FREB


  • Install Failed Request Tracing Module
  1. Unzip it and copy the “procdump.exe”
  2. Create a folder called “procdump” at C drive level => “C:\procdump”
  3. Paste the “procdump.exe” in that folder
  • Create a folder called “generated_dumps” at C drive level => “C:\generated_dumps”
  • Configuration Editor > system.applicationHost/sites > Collection > … > Select Your Site > traceFailedRequestLogging > customActionEnabled : True
  • Configuration Editor > system.webServer/tracing/traceFailedRequests > Collection > … > Select the rule that you have created
  • customActionExe : C:\procdump\procdump.exe
  • customActionsParams: -accepteula -ma %1% C:\generated_dumps
  • customActionTriggerLimit: 3 (It will generate a maximum of three dumps)





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Adrian Jenkins

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