Web Deploy Options Not Showing In IIS Manager?

Adrian Jenkins
3 min readMay 21, 2022


So, you have just installed Web Deploy and you do not see any options to export or import in IIS Manager ?

First of all, remember you can always use msdeploy.exe to export and import the package.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V3\msdeploy.exe”

However if you prefer to do it through IIS Manager here is how to resolve this issue:

This is a brand new VM with default IIS and modules:

I downloaded Web Deploy 3.6 with “Typical” installation.

Web Deploy options still not showing in IIS Manager:

You might say it is because I used “Typical” installation instead of “Complete”.

< Web Deploy Uninstalled>

Installed Web Deploy this time with “Complete” installation.

Still not showing options in IIS Manager:

< Web Deploy Uninstalled>

This happens because in order to see the options in IIS Manger we need to have the following module installed:

Install Web Deploy with “Complete” installation.

Close and open IIS Manager:

If we compare installation when “Management Service” is not installed VS when it is installed:

Management Service not installed
Management Service installed

It seems that, when “Management Service” is not installed, “IIS Deployment Handler” does not even exists and therefore does not get installed.

I am still not clear why this matters as I though UI comes in “IIS Manager UI Module”, and that gets installed regardless of “Management Service is installed or not”. However, this did the trick for me.

And as such, if you installed Web Deploy with “Management Service” module already installed, you need “Management Service” installed in order to uninstalled Web Deploy.

Interestingly , after doing all this, you can uninstalled “Management Service” and you will still be able to see MS Deploy option in IIS Manager. So, it does not seem to require this module in order to see options in IIS Manager, but it does seems to require it prior to installing Web Deploy.

If at this point we want to uninstalled Web Deploy, it won’t let us, as we uninstalled “Management Service”. We will get the following error:

Final Thoughts

I am still not clear on why this is happens. But I know that this did the trick for me:

  • Have “Management Service” installed prior to Web Deploy.
  • Install Web Deploy with “Complete” installation.
  • Close and open IIS Manager. Not “iisreset”, just close it and open it again.

If anyone has an explanation or a concrete solution please share it with me.


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